Play Therapy with Dr Jen

Play Therapy with Dr Jen

Play Therapy

The Key to Resilience

Play therapy builds resilience, self-confidence, a sense of self-efficacy (or competency), and behavioral regulation while also diminishing anxiety, emotional reactivity, and impulsivity— just to name a few benefits.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Play Therapy with a Furry Friend

There are countless emotional, mental and even health benefits of having a therapy animal in session with a child. If your child loves animals, this may be a great therapeutic option!

Your child can flourish and reach his or her potential.

Your family can be peaceful and happy.
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Play Therapy Works

If your child is struggling in any way, it’s natural to feel discouraged and even hopeless at times. It is time now for you to breathe a big sigh of relief, because there is such comfort and reassurance in knowing that the challenges you are concerned about CAN be overcome!  Play Therapy is not only the most developmentally appropriate therapy for children under age 12, it is also the most enjoyable!  Children play during their therapy sessions and love coming to their “special time that is just for them” each week.

  • Teaches emotional language
  • Increases confidence
  • Solves problem behaviors such as tantrums
  • Improves social skills
  • Provides the opportunity to work through trapped, repressed, and denied emotions
  • Helps children become more emotionally aware
  • Leads children to be more self-reliant and feel more capable
  • Empowers children to feel like independent decision makers
  • Allows children to work through any past traumas or difficult experiences
  • Gives children a special time that is just for them
  • Improves peer and family relationships

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